A Cozinha Portuguesa
Oeiras - Portugal | 967 501 529 | geral@acozinhaportuguesa.pt

Catering & Logistics

Daily Supply of Meals With Menus tailored to each costumer.

What we do


With the freshest and natural ingredients , from the best suppliers available.


Presenting an eclectic selections of options in order to make your event unique...


On-site, while carefully respecting your schedule flawless .

About Us

 catering cozinha portuguesa

A Cozinha Portuguesa (i.e. The Portuguese Cuisine) focuses on good food, drink and service of superior quality, for companies and individuals.

Catering for corporate events, private sports, weddings, baptisms, coffee breaks and cocktails are the daily life of our Organization.

We offer a well-prepared staff ready to help you plan your event, willing exceed your expectations by creating moments truly unforgettable.

We shall help you choose the perfect space for your event. We have all the necessary materials (tables, chairs, towels, crockery, cutlery, glasses etc.) for your event, as well as themed decor and audiovisual media and entertainment.